Thursday, July 24, 2014

Date Night Style {Including Plus Size Pieces}

Wearing // Express portofino blouse (multiple colors & patterns), pretty from OSP
J.Crew heels, similar
Banana Republic clutch, obsessed with CV

Date night style is my absolute favorite. After a long work week, it feels so good to ditch the office clothes and put on something a little more fun and flirty. With my job, I get to dress very casual but that often leaves me feeling a little frumpy. Come Friday night, I'm ready to put on my dancin' shoes (even if I'm not going dancing). I think I have my date night formula down to a Science: a chiffon button-down, a high-waisted skirt, a colorful pump, and a neutral clutch. I find that I still feel comfortable in such an outfit, yet my husband likes it too because it's so feminine. I honestly think anyone can pull together an outfit like this, no matter what your size is. Although I'm 5'2, I often get emails from readers who are a bit curvier and taller than I am and I don't want to ever leave anyone out! I provided some links to similar pieces that will help you achieve this from OSP. My shoes and clutch are no longer available, but you can find similar ones at YesStyle and Les Nouvelles respectively!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Romper

Wearing // Express Romper
Loft cardigan, similar

Three new things here: 
 One, I am wearing a romper (or a onesie as hubby likes to joke). I've always been very skeptical of rompers. Not because they aren't adorable because they certainly are. I think I've just never found one that was flattering on me. Most I've ever tried either ride up or sit way too low in a certain womanly area, ahem. That alone has been enough to steer me away. But this one from Express sits just right, and it actually skims over my curves which I love. It's like a little black dress, but with shorts. Express knows how to do trends but still keep them classic looking.
Two, I finally found a blank wall/canvas in which to take blog pictures in front of. It's the obligatory white wall most of us see on blogs right? Well this just so happens to be city hall, and on Saturdays there is no one around. Perfect!
Three, my hair has never looked like this before. Ever. I went to an event at my friend's salon where she was doing a "braid bar". I wanted something totally out of my norm. I mean, the only time I wear my hair back is during a workout and a ponytail isn't exactly exciting so I told her to braid the sides and swing the rest of my hair into a loose bun. Humidity was high that day and I was a sweaty mess during these pictures but I really loved it. I need to remind myself once every so often to just try something new!

Oh, and new sunglasses from the brass plum section of Nordstrom! Those are new too :)

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Initials & Monograms

I love a good statement piece, don't you? A bold earring that accentuates the face or a colorful chunky necklace that ties together a look is the easiest way to punch up an outfit. Lately though, I've been loving really delicate jewelry. Maybe because it's Summer and I don't want to look overdone, or perhaps out of sheer laziness in the mornings. Or maybe because it's just too damn hot and sweaty and the thought of wearing anything heavy sounds uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, I am currently la-la loving dainty gold necklaces and bracelets that display my initials. I have a little collection going...

The bracelet from Oia Jules is recent, but the Sonya Renee necklace is not. I've had it for a few years and it is starting to change color a bit although it's actually not that noticeable when I have it on. 

My new initials since getting married. I just received this and can't wait to wear it. Benevolent Jewels is having a sale right now by the way :) You can thank me later. 

I'm expecting this one in the mail from my S&D girl Ashley and I'm really excited!

Do you wear less statement pieces in Summer?