Monday, June 29, 2015


Wearing //
Express vest (on sale, check stores)
Zara pumps, similar
J.Crew Factory clutch, similar here & here

I had been seeing white vests on a lot of lovely ladies, and I liked the effortless layer over a simple tee or tank and jeans. I just had one little problem - I didn't own a vest, so I couldn't create the look for myself. During the Express sale last week, I decided to pop in and see if there was anything I needed. I was getting ready to leave the store empty-handed, until I saw a few of these white vests hanging by the dresses. It met my criteria - it was white. I love the length, the single button, the faux pockets on either side, and the tuxedo fabric. It's the perfect layering piece to dress up an otherwise simple (i.e. boring) look. Funny, because as I was flipping through a Spring magazine yesterday, I saw plenty of celebrities wearing vests. I guess I'm behind on more than just my reading material. I have to confess, I'm completely over fashion and women's magazines. With blogging and Instagram showcasing the latest trends, I don't feel it necessary to subscribe to them anymore. It's a pity really. My dream growing up was to work at a fashion magazine, but I'm cancelling my subscriptions. Is it a sign of the times?

What do you ladies think?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beating the Heat

Wearing //
J.Crew skirt (old) but similar here
Halogen clutch, similar
Margaret Elizabeth druzy cuff via Rocksbox 
(use code beachfirenkxoxo for your first month free)
Elizabeth Stone Jewelry druzy ring and necklace

Or trying to beat the heat is more like it. Summer here can leave me feeling pretty irritable. Okay let's get real people - it leaves me feeling bitchy. Hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable is not my idea of a good time, which is why I tend to not put as much effort into getting dressed when it's over 100 degrees. What's the point? I'm just going to look disheveled an hour later. As hard as I try to maintain my style in the heat, I always end up gravitating towards easy, lightweight pieces. A tank, a skirt that has a good amount of stretch and an elastic waistband, and ditching the heels in favor of flat sandals. I also wear very little makeup. My Glo Minerals Moisturizing Tint with SPF, bronzed cheeks, and color on my lips. That's how I do Summer. Oh, and I like to layer my pretty gemstone jewelry to still keep my girly edge while not being bogged down by giant statement pieces.

Exhibit A (my best friend and I last weekend. Delicate jewelry but lots of it and flat sandals)

However...the above thought process may change at some points this Summer. I do like to dress up, so even if that means sweating my way into a blazer or wearing jeans when it's OMG less than 95 degrees, I will do that. Just for you guys ;)

How do you dress for Summer? Are you still as creative as you are in the cooler months, or do you dress more for comfort? Linking up with Tara.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Style Blogger Love #3

It's time to recognize and brag about three more lovely ladies who know how to style just about anything (all three could make a paper sack look amazing). This is my third installment, but in case you are curious, here is number one and two. You know how this works - I asked them to showcase a picture from their blogs that encompasses their own personal style. Oh, and you know what I just realized? All three are southern California bloggers. Considering I'm native to this part of the country, I may be a little biased...

Let the gushing begin.

I've followed Nicole's blog since I began mine a few years ago. What has always resonated with me is how laid-back and cool she is. Nicole in my opinion exudes confidence. She always looks impeccable, but effortless in the same breath. She wears versatile pieces that can easily be dressed up or down, and both ways look equally beautiful. Nothing ever looks fussy, and she gives off such a carefree vibe. In my world, Nicole is the rockstar of the style bloggers. 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jodi last Summer at rStyle school in San Diego. We sat right next to each other and proceeded to gab for the majority of the evening. I was very anxious about going to my first blogging event because I honestly don't take my own blog too seriously.  Meeting Jodi was a breath of fresh air. Not only is she stunning, but she was so incredibly sweet. Her "About me" section has a quote that I love by Oscar Wilde: "You can never be overdressed or over educated". Love that! She has quite the enviable collection of handbags and shoes and along with her adorable little daughter, their blog is one of the most unique I've read. 

Miriam is an Orange County girl, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I want to raid her entire closet. I've purchased two dresses after seeing them on her. Out of all the ladies I follow on Instagram, her pictures get me to consider buying the most. Her style is feminine, polished, and closely resembles my own personal tastes. We all love to gather inspiration from others, but I think we also want to see how others put together and style pieces we already own. I constantly look to Miriam's blog, and I suggest you do too. 

Be sure to check these hot mamas out!