Thursday, July 21, 2016

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These shoes are such a departure for me! But I featured them last month in this post, and ever since, I wasn't able to get them out of my head. You know that's the shopping God's way of whispering in your ear, "buy the shoes. Buy the damn shoes already". I still wasn't completely convinced so when I went on an impromptu trip to South Coast Plaza a couple weeks ago, I stopped in at Nordstrom and saw these. I tried on a bunch of wedge sandals - Steve Madden, Sole Society, Nine West, Sam Edelman. They were all lovely enough, but most were way too high and sizing was off on most. So I actually did something I've never ever done before. I looked on my own blog via my phone, referred back to my own post, and showed the SA these shoes by the brand Hinge. Lo and behold, not only did I get a new reader (hello!), but I also found my perfect funky "wedges". They aren't really a wedge, more of a chunky stacked heel that is perfectly out of my comfort zone...but also perfectly comfortable. 

I cannot wait to finally shop the anniversary sale tomorrow! I'm just gonna do the whole online thing since I have a couple personal appointments to attend to and my nearest Nordstrom is 45 minutes away. I've narrowed my list to these jeans, this palette, and this candle set. I'll be sure to show you the goods next week, if not here then on Instagram or Snapchat (Noelleengel)

Have you ever used your own blog to try and locate an item? It's pretty convenient!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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This post is very special to me each year because it's my blogging anniversary! Well, actually I'm a few days late. My first published post went live on July 15th, 2009. Seven years later, I'm still here and I honestly can't believe anyone continues to read my little space of the internet. It boggles my mind just how many friends I have made over the years from all different parts of the country and beyond. I have readers from Canada, Russia, Germany, and Mexico. Think about that. That's amazing! I'm a bit of an introvert in "real" life, and I don't go out of my way to meet new people because I can be pretty shy and awkward. It has been such a fascinating experience for me to get to "know" people I normally wouldn't have the chance to in person. This is one aspect of blogging that I absolutely adore, and it keeps me plugging away. You ladies inspire me and not just in fashion or beauty. So many of you have made a bad day better, and a good day even better simply by your kind words and support. Bloggers have come and gone, but there are a few that have remained and I would be remiss if I didn't mention them by name. My "OG" girls that started blogging around the same time that I did: Zeba, Alison-Elle, Lilly,Skylette, Andee Layne, Crystal, Lynn, Tara, Veronika. And newer friends: Gina, Caryl, Rachelle, Daphnee, Amy Ann. You ladies have all played a role in why I continue to blog. Let's be honest. It isn't always as easy as people may think! I get writer's block, I doubt myself, I play the whole comparison game. But, the good outweighs all of these things and I can't at this point imagine not blogging.

Of course, my non-blogger friends who continue to read also keep me going. I wouldn't do it without you, because what would be the point? I already keep a journal that nobody sees, so it's nice to have an online journal that people do see. I know blogging has changed dramatically over the years. If you'd like to see something new on here, please feel free to share that with me. I'm open to pretty much everything, as long as it's entertaining or helpful. I'm also not afraid of critiques either. If I bore you to death, or if I wear something that you find unflattering let me know. Don't worry, I've worked with kiddos who have spit on me and called me every bad name under the sun. I can handle it :)

Thank you for reading! Happy seventh birthday, BG24 :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Every year, I shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I know there is a lot of hype surrounding it and some may roll their eyes at yet another #NSale post, but because I regularly do shop at Nordstrom, I felt compelled to give you my picks and personal wishlist items. I was a bit underwhelmed by the choices this go around, but I still have a few pieces that are catching my eye. No surprise there...

First, a few tips for shopping the sale:

1. Get essentials! Pick up pieces that you can wear year-round and that will really become a staple in your wardrobe. Now's the time to stock up on jeans, jackets, and a fun Fall shoe that you won't be able to wait to wear.

2. Treat yourself. I've never purchased Paige denim before, but I have tried a few pairs on. You know, just for fun. It's the most luxurious denim I've ever had the pleasure of putting on my body! I typically can't afford Paige, but at this rate, you better believe I'm getting a pair before the price goes back up on August 8th.

3. Don't worry if you aren't a card member. I'm not either, and I won't be able to shop the sale early but I've never had a problem getting items when they become widely available to the public on July 22nd. They re-stock constantly so don't fear if you miss out this week. Trust me, it's all part of the sale game. Although I am strongly considering getting their debit card because I do shop there so often. The perks are great, so I'm not sure why I haven't applied yet.

4. Invest in that special handbag or pair of shoes you wouldn't normally be able to. Some items are still pricey, but it's so worth it to have a special luxury item that you can carry for seasons to come!

5. Make a list of things you are thinking of getting and then narrow them down by category. So for example, I have broken mine down to Beauty, Home, Clothing, and Accessories. It's less overwhelming and then you can take inventory of what you really need or have been dying to try as opposed to something you can buy later, even as the price goes up because it's not a priority.





Caveat: I have two bags that are similar so this isn't actually a real consideration for me but I think it's beautiful and at an affordable price.

Are you shopping the sale? If so, tell me what you're thinking about getting (or already got) in the comments! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I showed you some of my recent beauty purchases for the Summer in part 1, and now it's time to show you what else I've been picking up! Honestly, most of these are repurchases that you've already seen before. I get extremely confused when bloggers constantly rave about products and how they are "favorites" or "must-haves" or even the oddest of beauty blogger terms, the "holy grail". But then you never see or hear about them again, until the newest exciting thing comes along to replace the old! I want to prove that some things really are worth buying over and over because they are just that good.

1. Soap & Glory Flake Away - perfect body polish for exfoliating rough arms, legs, and decollete. It also happens to smell divine. The grains aren't too rough, just enough to slough off dry patches. I get mine at Ulta, but a little goes a long way so you get your money's worth.

2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - I've been using sponges to apply my foundation for years now. I tried the beauty blender, but found that it was too stiff for my liking. These sponges by Real Techniques are soft and pliable so you can really maneuver around the planes of your face. I also like the shape of it. It covers plenty of area, but also has edges to get close to your eyes, and around your nose and mouth. I dampen it with some fix + by M.A.C. and then dot some of my favorite foundation over the places I need it most (cheeks and chin). It's also a fraction of the price of the beauty blender. Perfect!

3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser - I love this cleanser, and so does every single dermatologist I've ever spoken to. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, but you also feel that you're getting a good deep clean minus harsh chemicals. I sometimes deviate to trying other cleansers, but I always end up coming back to this.

4. Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - I really can't say enough about this product. It was love at first sniff, and then once I tried it in the shower, it was love at first touch! Or first shave! I use it liberally all over my body to add moisture while I'm in the shower. I then remove it by shaving! Yes, I shave the excess off and it acts as a cream. Two uses in one! If you love the scent of roses, then you must try this.

For a long time, I had been using Benefit cosmetics Powderflage. Remember that? It was a baby pink setting powder meant for the under eye area. I was literally devastated when they discontinued it. Not even being remotely dramatic either! Well a couple months back, maybe longer, I was in Sephora and on a whim I asked an SA if there was something similar. It took her a second to think, but she brought me this little pot of pure pink perfection and it's essentially the same color and consistency as powderflage. I use it to set my concealer and brighten up the inner corners of my eyes.

I bought these two products around the end of April before my sister-in-law's Vegas celebration. I knew there would be a ton of photos taken, and I wanted to up my game in the flash photo department. More than anything, I was curious about the line. I have to say, I'm really impressed by the powder! I've been using it religiously on days where Nate takes my outfit photos, and I do think that my skin looks more radiant. The concept being that the light blue hue brightens up the skin for a soft focus glow that translates beautifully on camera. The gloss is also really nice! Non-sticky and easy to wear because it's clear. I tend to want to layer mine over a lipstick, but I think it's probably best to just wear it alone. It has blue pigmented pearls that make your teeth appear whiter and brighter in flash photography. With everyone so obsessed with selfies and filters, I think these are worth trying. Not must-haves in comparison to other products mentioned above, but still a cool concept to play around with!

Milk Makeup X UO Urban Defense Face Mask

I need a break from sheet masks. I used up every last one I had, and then promptly freaked out because I like to do a mask one night per week. While making the daily rounds at Urban Outfitters in Oahu, I found this brand and in particular was drawn to this face mask. It has essential vitamins and jojoba oil, and it's the consistency of a gel. It feels so good while on the skin! I'm used to masks made from thick clay, so this is a nice change for the hot Summer months when I want something more refreshing. I've only used it a handful of times, but so far so good. 

I have a few more beauty posts planned in the coming weeks so stay tuned if you enjoy this side of my blog. Happy Wednesday!