Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Must-Haves for Fall 2015

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way, shall we? I live in southern California as you all probably know, and while I love it here, I really do wish that we could experience Fall properly like most of you do. I keep joking with all of my friends that Fall is a mythical term here, because it really doesn't exist. I do however like to pretend that I know what I'm talking about. It may not be cooling off anytime soon, but I try to incorporate as much Fall as I can by changing up my accessories and beauty products to reflect the new season.

I've asked my blogger friends from different areas of the country (and Canada) to compile their personal "must-haves" lists for Fall, but I will begin today by sharing mine. I am lumping mine into two categories, style and beauty. My list doesn't change much from year to year, but it's fun to reflect anyway. All of these are classically Fall, with one trendy piece thrown in.

1. A jewel toned bag

2. Light-weight cardigans

3. The cape 

4. Vamp nails

5. Red & wine lips

If you have any questions on specific products shown, feel free to ask! I decided not to describe why I chose these because I think they are fairly obvious and speak for themselves.

The second portion of this post will be up on Monday, and I can't wait to read how my list compares with my blogger friends.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The color of the season

Wearing //
Express dress, gorgeous option
Vince Camuto pumps, similar
Delezhen necklace
Express ring
Beauty //
Nails by Essie in Frock n Roll
Lips in Sorbet c/o Glo Minerals 
(use code beautygirl24 at check out)

Everywhere I look, green is making the scene. Ranging from olive, to teal, to dark emerald, it appears to be the latest "It" shade. I have to agree that it's a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe because it looks so chic. Aside from the usual jewel tones and dark neutrals that we all love in Fall and Winter, consider adding it to your essentials. I think it looks flattering on all skin tones, and brings a certain richness when paired with bronze, camel, and grey. I also love pairing green with leopard. I'm continuing to slowly incorporate Fall colors into my daily looks despite the California weather. I have to get my kicks somewhere, right?

If there's one thing you all need to own from this post though, it's my nail polish from Essie's Fall collection in Frock n Roll. Trust me, you will love it! Expect to see it on my fingers a ton!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Glo Minerals: Cheeks, Lips, and Skincare

Glo Minerals sent these products to me for consideration. I am in no way being compensated by the company, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

I've been a fan of Glo Minerals since they sent me the products featured in this post. I especially love the Moisture Tint, and wear it almost every day during the work week. I also love it during my trips to the beach for some added sun protection on top of my regular sunscreen. When I was contacted by them again to see if I wanted to test out a few more of their makeup and skincare line, I happily agreed. 

Blush in Bellini (soft rose)
Cream Glaze Crayon in Mimosa (soft peach coral)
Matte Suede Lip Crayon in Sorbet (bright fuchsia)
Cream Glaze Lip Crayon in Bloom (beautiful pink)

I have been wearing the blush in Bellini every single day for three weeks. It gives the prettiest color to my cheeks, and it really lifts the face and provides a healthy glow. It's neutral enough that I can wear it with any eye or lip color. It has a slight subtle sheen, but it's mostly matte once applied.

The lip crayons are exactly what I've been searching for. These are what I wish other brands would be formulated as, but unfortunately are not. I've wasted so much money on waxy pencils that just don't last. These actually stain the lips, so depending on how dramatic I want my lip color to be, I either draw them on for an intense dose of color, or I dab them on using my fingers to diffuse the color so it looks more natural. Either way, if there is one shade I'd recommend, it is Bloom. It's extremely wearable, but still a fun "pop". They also aren't as drying as other jumbo lip crayons I've owned (and consequently thrown away). 

Mimosa, Sorbet, Bloom

I was actually the most thrilled to try two of their skincare products from their Therapeutics line. You ladies know that I'm all about skin, and am a huge believer that it's crucial to take care of it now before it's too late. My skin isn't perfect by any means, but I have noticed a difference since using these two products, especially the serum at night. Even Nate has been using it! 
The pure hydration is a light-weight moisturizer designed for daytime. It feels like a gel, and it sinks right into the skin without any leftover greasy feeling. I may need something heavier once the weather changes, but this is perfect for California's warm climate. 

The renew serum is my absolute favorite now, and I got it just time as another oil I was using was running out. This goes on thick, and it almost has a slight sticky film that you can feel for a couple of minutes after smoothing it on. I like to concentrate on my cheeks and between my eyebrows since I have fine lines forming there. The smell is a bit off putting at first (it kind of smells like a cross between candy and medicine which is odd) but once I got past the initial scent, I actually have grown to like it. I will definitely repurchase after it's gone. It leaves my skin feeling supple and plumped. 

Eyes, cheeks, and lips by Glo Minerals (as seen on my birthday dinner)
Lips in the colors Bloom mixed with Sorbet

Get a 15% discount at checkout when you use the promo code BEAUTYGIRL24. Trust me, these products are worth it. I'm eyeing more lip crayons and more skincare products.

Have you heard of or tried anything from this company? I'd love to hear your thoughts!