Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tea Time & Girlfriends

Wearing //
Express dress, last year. Love this for Fall
Sole Society pumps, similar. Love these

One of my friends is getting married in October, and this is what I wore to her tea themed bridal shower. She's the last in my close circle to be tying the knot, and I am honored to be a part of her wedding just as she was in mine. It's a funny thing, really. I mean, this whole getting older thing. Just a few short years ago, my girlfriends and I were all either single or in horribly awkward, dead-end relationships. We would go out every night and have way too much to drink. We would commiserate together, share laughs together, and more often than not, we would cry together. Fast forward to today and we still do many of these same things. Some of us have children, some like myself still don't. But we have all managed to stick by each other, even if we live miles apart and have more responsibilities that take us away from one another. My husband is my most intimate friend, but I still need my girlfriends and they still need me. There's a huge comfort in knowing that, especially when times are tough. I hope you, reading this, have the same experience with your girlfriends. 

I just wanted to get that out there. 

my beautiful friend and bride to be

Happy Wednesday! Hubby and I are camping for the next two days and guess what? It's on the beach where we got married last year. We are also seeing Jack Johnson on Saturday, so we are both looking forward to a relaxing 5 day weekend! Have a great Labor day and I'll see you soon :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Sleeveless Trench

Wearing //
Vince Camuto pumps, super similar!

A sleeveless trench. A sleeveless trench? Hmmmmmm. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around that for awhile, but then I started seeing this one from Ann Taylor on a lot of girls (Jean and Khatu are just two examples) and it suddenly just clicked for me. A sleeveless trench coat is genius. It's the perfect transitional piece, especially when you live in California and it stays fairly warm year-round. I like to think of this as a longer vest, so it's perfect for layering over anything! It can also be worn as a dress, though I probably won't do that often. It's just as chic as a regular trench coat which I love, but it adds a fun twist on the classic style. During Ann Taylor's F&F sale, I snapped it up for less than 100 dollars. I immediately threw it on once I received it and fell hard guys. Oh and you can still tell that I'm obsessed with my blue Kate Spade and will carry it well into Fall and Winter. The color is surprisingly versatile!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunny Days

My little sunglasses collection is growing. It's apparent that I favor a particular style. I tend to listen to the professionals and abide by the "rules" for my round face. I like a shape that is more square or elongated, because it makes my cheeks and chin look less round. I also love the glamorous oversize style, as they remind me of old Hollywood starlets. They all look quite similar, don't they? I also don't spend more than twenty dollars on a pair because although I am very careful with handbags and shoes, I throw sunglasses around like they are going out of style! I'm very rough with them. I like to scour places like Forever 21, the BP section of Nordstrom, and Target for fun sunnies that look designer minus the steep price tag. When I was contacted by Polette to pick out a pair from their website, I decided on trying something new (I chose the Parisienne, pictured above with the gold hardware). They remind me of Ray-Bans! I'll have to wear them soon in an outfit post. It's safe to say I'm done growing my collection, at least for awhile. Maybe I'll take the plunge one day and buy my dream pair from Tom Ford. Or...with so many affordable options...maybe not. I'd rather buy a handbag :)