Monday, February 13, 2017

 Soft neutrals with delicate details are going to take over my closet this Spring. Everything I seem to be "liking" on Instagram or "pinning" on Pinterest resemble a page from one of those flowery romance novels. I'm eyeing everything in shades of blush, taupe, light grey, and cream. Ruffles, bell-sleeves, velvet, suede, soft fabrics...I think you get the picture. Even my beauty products look similar! Some of the items shown below I have recently purchased, some are similar. and a couple are on my wishlist.

What are you loving?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Here it is, the obligatory Valentine's day look. I'm a week early, but I wanted to get this out there in case anyone needs an outfit idea. The great thing about this one though is that it can be worn year-round. It's only a slight nod to the holiday. In the past I've gone all out with the pink and red, but now that I'm getting older, I think subtlety is better, don't you? Instead of bright red, how about burgundy? And in place of a vibrant pink, how about lilac or blush?

Wearing //
Loft blouse, similar
Express skirt, cute option here & here
Banana Republic bag, similar
Asos pumps, love these
Stella & Dot ring, love this
Beauty //

I am incredibly lucky to have so much love in my life. Not because they love me, but because I love them. On days where I feel like I'm spinning out, I try to pause and remember something about each of the special people I know. It could be a song that reminds me of that person, or a memory we created together. I've never been afraid of telling people how much they mean to me. Life is too short for that! So whether you're celebrating V-Day with your significant other, friends, or even alone, don't forget to reflect on the good in your life.

Monday, February 6, 2017

I never say "must-have" when it comes to beauty products anymore. We all have different needs, and what I consider to be a staple in my beauty regimen may not necessarily be yours. That being said, I've tried three products over the course of January that I really think most of you would love. Maybe you already do because I'm late to the game!

  • I must confess that after trying liquid lipsticks from various brands, I'm not too keen on them. They sound lovely in theory, but they dry my lips out and some colors come across as very chalky. They also set easily, so you have to be swift about application. 
  • What drew me to this specific brand was the color (Queen B). It's a gorgeous mauve, and it lies somewhere in between pink and nude which makes it wearable for everyday. It has a lilac undertone on me.
  • I like it because it dries down and feels like you are wearing nothing. It's important to have clean, moisturized lips before applying, otherwise it will settle into any lines or dry patches. But if you have a good canvas, the outcome is beautiful and looks very natural. 
  • It isn't goopy or sticky. It also doesn't crack and lasts a few hours, almost like a stain. 

  • Gina recommended this lash primer on her blog, so I decided to give it a try and can I just say, hello! My eyes look wide eyed and flirty.
  • I have short, sparse eyelashes. I've thought about getting extensions but my year-round allergies make that impossible. Plus, I don't think I could afford the upkeep. I also am pretty hopeless with false lashes. I find that no matter what brand I buy, they always end up looking far too unnatural for my liking. A great mascara and this primer have made a big difference. 
  • For reference, my favorite mascaras are CoverGirl Lash Blast, Too Faced Better than Sex, Benefit They're Real, and a new love I'll be reviewing in a separate post. 
  • I first curl my lashes, do one coat of this primer, and then follow it up by using one of the above mascaras. 
  • Yes, it's an extra step in my routine and I don't do it every single day. But on nights out and on weekends, the step is worth it.

  • I have been working with Glo Professional for about two years, and I am very loyal to their brand. Why? Because the products work! I don't think I've ever been happier with my skin, and that says something when you're in your thirties. But I'm also a skincare junkie and sometimes veer away to try other brands. 
  • Cue this super cream by It Cosmetics. I don't even know where to begin? It's thick, rich, and if I could bathe myself in a giant vat of this I most definitely would. There's a reason why it's called confidence in a cream. I use it at night, and the moisture is so effective that I can feel the results when I wake up in the morning. My skin feels soft and supple. They claim this is designed for all skin types. I have very dry skin, so for me it's perfect. For someone with oily skin, it might be too heavy but I can't really be sure since my main problem is eczema. 
  • Ask for a sample if you can. Thank me later. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy February 💗

I know we're all going to be reading a lot of Valentine's Day posts over the next week, and in keeping with the theme of love, I wanted to touch on a subject that has always been near and dear to my heart - self love.

It's no secret that I've struggled with body image. My parents always stressed the "importance" of physical appearance. They taught me that I was essentially nothing if I wasn't pretty. I'm not writing this to put down my parents. They both come from traumatic backgrounds, and mental illness runs in my family so I partly blame their misguided beliefs on what they experienced as children. But growing up, I felt worthless. I would think, "If I'm not pretty, then what good am I?" Kids would tease me, and this question always came up: "So what nationality are you anyway?" I don't know why that bothered me but it did. I'm half Mexican and part English, German, and Scottish. Does that matter? Maybe to some people, but I don't identify with anything because I've felt out of place most of my life.

"People always say you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster or something. Like you can know what it is, even."

Wearing //
H&M tee, similarsimilar
Sole Society heels, similar here & here
Banana Republic bag, lovely option for less!

I've started to unfollow bloggers who cause me to constantly compare myself. It's so easy to do, and to feel like you're in competition when it shouldn't be about that at all. It's not their fault of course, I shouldn't allow people to have so much power over my thinking. But I wish some would be more upfront and honest about things like photoshopping, and brands that they work with (but don't disclose).

If you're constantly complaining about your weight in every post, or if your goal in life is to have the perfect thigh gap, I can't really deal with that type of obsessive behavior. I don't think it's healthy, and more and more I want to promote positive body image on this blog and in my own life (thank you Alissa for inspiring me on this). I may not enjoy kale smoothies or do cardio every day, but when I work out, I do feel like a badass afterward.

Look what our female bodies can do! We have the ability to give life! I know plenty of women who beat themselves up over how their bodies have changed after having children. I like to call it a transformation. We aren't supposed to remain the same throughout life; appearances will change. If you want to fix something because it really affects you, then do it for YOU, not for anyone else or because society dictates you should.  One example I have is getting my hair blown out a couple times per month. Maybe you think that's hypocritical, and that's fine. But it makes me feel better about myself.

Over the weekend I saw my friend dance and perform her heart out alongside some fabulous women.  It once again inspired me to accept my body. I saw all shapes, all sizes, all ages...Those women OWNED it! And really, we all should. It's the one thing that is truly ours.

So, even though it's not Valentine's Day yet, I just wanted to wish you all a happy month filled with less negative self talk and more self love. Encourage the girls and women in your lives to do the same please. It's not easy, I'm sure I'll slip up a lot on here and you can totally call me out when I do. But I will try my best not to.

"It's good to get really dressed up once in a while and admit the truth - that when you really look closely, people are so strange and so complicated that they're actually...beautiful." 

Bonus points for any 90's kids that can tell me in the comments where the quotes I wrote here came from. It is one of my favorite t.v. shows of all time.  It's all SO true.