Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back to Basics {Jeans}

There's nothing I live in more than my tried and true jeans. I wear them to work because my job has a casual environment. I wear them on weekends when I don't feel like wearing my spanx underneath  skirts and dresses (and no, I'm not afraid to admit that little tidbit ladies. I love spanx). I wear my jeans A LOT! But I do adhere to a few guidelines:

1) I like mine fairly dark as they are most flattering on my body.
2) I do prefer a skinny or straight leg style, but I don't typically go for "jeggings" because they are usually too tight.
3) At 5'2, I shop for a petite length,
4) I don't spend much money on them. I love higher-end denim brands as much as the next girl, but I just can't bring myself to spend that amount. These days, you don't have to sacrifice quality either.
5) I like to pair jeans with polished looking accessories to elevate the style from super casual, to a little dressy.

Keeping all of these in mind, here are my favorite pairs.

They accommodate a larger bottom, but are still slim through the legs. They are extremely comfortable.

These were so different for me! I had never owned a pair of distressed denim before, mainly because my mom used to tease people about them and like most mothers and daughters, her comments annoyed me. I got over that though, and I am still in love with these and wear them quite often. I don't like too much distressing, just enough to look intentional so these are perfect. The fit is great as well.

Banana Republic Skinny jeans, similar
These are an old favorite, as I've had them for over five years now! This picture was taken last year around the Holidays. I'll admit that they are taunting me from my closet as we speak because they are one size too small now that I've put on some extra weight. I hope to fit my booty back into them soon! They are beautifully made, super soft, and almost have a slight sheen to them. 

Oh yes, an oldie. Before I was married, before we moved into our condo, and before my husband took over the camera and moved things outdoors for blog photos. I love ON jeans. These have just enough stretch to keep them comfortable, but they don't stretch out too much so you aren't pulling them up around your waist constantly. They come in petite and tall sizes. 

By the way, I can't bring myself to wear that bubble necklace anymore. Man that was a huge trend at the time! 

My new favorite - I've worn them incessantly since buying them just a month or so ago. I liked them so much, that I bought a second pair last week when they were 50% off!

I hope this little guide is helpful to you ladies who are in the market for flattering, affordable, and comfortable jeans. I may continue with this type of post that features favorite items of clothing such as blouses, skirts, even jewelry. Does it sound like something you'd be interested in reading? 

Also, let me know what your favorite jeans are, especially for petites! 

Oh, and Happy Halloween tomorrow! See you next week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

White in the Fall

Topshop white skirt, similar here & here

I think white has quickly become my favorite color to wear. Sure, that age old rule clearly states that white after Labor Day is a faux pas, but I love breaking that one. Some rules are just too stuffy to follow!  We associate darker shades for Fall and Winter, pastels and brights for Spring and Summer. I can see where that stems from, and I admit to following this pattern year after year, but it's so predictable! I feel like every year is the same routine. How about we all just wear what makes us happy, and re-think these so-called style rules? Isn't that a novel idea!

And for the record, my weekend was much better this time around. We had dinner with friends, went to a movie, ate some delicious food at a Greek festival, and got some much needed sleep. We also planned our road trip up north that we have coming up on November 6th. So far we have Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Solvang, Monterey, and San Fransisco squeezed into five days. More on that in another post :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beauty Savers

I've been keeping some beauty products a secret from you guys because I wanted to do a collective post about them. I've recently acquired some wonderful things that have not only enhanced my appearance, but have also saved me some time in my beauty routine.

I wish this had come out years ago, because I'm almost certain it would have prevented me from investing in some so-so eyeshadows and palettes. You ladies know I'm a neutral girl when it comes to playing up my peepers, and these six shades are perfect! Not too warm, not too cool. Neutral is truly the best description, and I recommend it to every skin tone, eye color, and level of experience with makeup. There isn't a single shade, even the darkest brown, that I haven't used. In fact, I have worn it consistently for the past three weeks. I used it for my friend's wedding as well. 

I don't know why my hands are so awfully dry and cracked, but I know my new puppy has a lot to do with it. I'm constantly cleaning up after her which means washing my hands like a nutcase. As most of you know, I also work with children so there really is no such thing as excessive hand-washing! While out with my best friend last week for dinner, we popped into Sephora and I bought this cream on impulse while in the check-out line. Good call. This lightly scented cream is working wonders on my desert hands. 

The three things that this eye treatment promises include brightening, depuffing, and smoothing. It delivers all three. For reference, I'm 30 years old and although I don't have wrinkles or fine lines just yet, my eye area is a bit dark and tired looking most days. I like to put this on over my regular moisturizer in the morning, but underneath my foundation and concealer. The light pink-peach shade is great for brightening, while the metal applicator is cooling and soothing for tired, puffy eyes. 

This is my third bottle, if that gives you any idea of how much I love it. My hair is fine, but I have a ton of it. Foaming volumizers weigh it down, but this liquid spray is the solution for that. Sheer, subtle volume that keeps my roots from falling too flat. In conjunction with the Oribe dry texture spray, my hair has been much happier these days (no easy feat). I also find that I can go an extra day without washing my hair, typically on every third day.

And two very recent buys I have yet to play with...
This purchase is solely because of Lorraine's recent YouTube videos where she raves about Marc Jacob's limited edition nail polish, "Midnight in Paris". It's an inky blue, reportedly inspired by the night sky in Paris. Here, the color looks black, but I can assure you there's a distinct blue to it. 

The sheer red lipstick is by Dior, and it's called "New Look". They both looked beautiful on her, and although I don't even slightly resemble Lorraine, I definitely feel that they are wearable for most people. I'll keep you posted :)